Little Things Make Big Things Happen

Trade Services are the backbone of our industry. From dirt work and HVAC all the way to the finishing touches, they provide the foundation and the difference is in the details. All of these services that may seem small require the highest level of attention to detail.  These individual touches make each project unique and each one is equally important to delivering the best possible project.




Zoning and Permitting

Rubicon can take care of all of the development on your project.  Obtaining permits and zoning can be tedious and time consuming.  We can make it easy and take the guesswork out by working with the city to take care of every last detail.

Excavation, Utilities, Roads

Rubicon is here to help you through the land entitlement process. Our service in this area is unmatched. We will walk you through the electrical work including hot work and the live environment. We have the right team in place and we work closely with our other partners to make sure all of your needs are addressed.

Framing / Sheetrock / Paint

This should go without saying, but the framing and finishing portion of construction is all about getting the job done right the first time and standing behind the workmanship.  Just like every other aspect of our business, you can count on us to take pride in our work and deliver the product you deserve.


Plumbing is no exception. If you have an emergency plumbing issue, we have people standing by to take your call and respond. Once again we respond in actions not just words and we stand behind our work.


When it comes to the HVAC part of our business, routine maintenance is key to ensure that failures don’t happen. It is highly important to maintain, repair and replace filters when they are needed, and if you do have a boiler or AC unit go out, you can rely on us for quick, accurate service.

Roofing and Roof Repair

Rubicon performs routine maintenance and inspections of our roofs so that you don’t have unforeseen costs from roof leaks or even roof collapse. We are available with a 24 hour emergency response for those times when weather or an unexpected event can cause an issue.



We are passionate about getting the job done right and on time. Really. We communicate any issues or concerns clearly and quickly so you know exactly where your project stands every step of the way.

Stone and Masonry

Facade and stonework starts with the installation and continues with the maintenance. 

Sealing and maintaining the work in the right way helps tremendously to prevent any potential damage. The work is done right on the front side to alleviate any issues in the future.