What to Look for in a Facility Manager


Once a facility is complete, management is the key to a thriving business. When you are looking for a facility manager, there are few components you want to ensure you find. You want to make sure you have the right team in place so that you can run the day-to-day business while your facility manager takes care of the details of the facility. 

Relationship Management

The number one quality in a facility manager or management team is the ability to manage relationships. A trained professional will make sure that all of the facility needs are met. The facility manager should have access to all services needed to run the facility efficiently and effectively. Working closely with construction managers, HVAC, and plumbing are just the beginning of what it takes. Developing relationships early and maintaining those relationships can help avoid any pitfalls the facility may face. 

Maintenance & Sustainability

Keeping a facility in good working condition can be a daunting task. Your facility manager should always focus on the maintenance of the property to guarantee that all elements are in tip top shape at all times. Simple maintenance measures provide more efficient facilities that in turn are more profitable. Good management and maintenance also leads to sustainability for the future. An ounce of planning and care taking on the front side can yield much bigger returns.

Leadership & Communication

Communication is key in all management roles. A good facility manager will demonstrate remarkable leadership qualities that start with good communication. Communicating any issues or concerns clearly and quickly will keep you informed and ready to respond.

Rubicon provides full commercial facility management services. Our services include everything from onsite engineers to trade services to the management of the facility. We specialize in the management of office buildings and complexes, retail facilities, industrial spaces, multi-family units, flex spaces, and resort facilities.

If you want more information on Rubicon can help in the facility management arena, just give us a call.