Top Reasons to Hire a Facility Management Company


It can be hard to know where to turn for support on a big commercial construction project or day-to-day management. In our experience at Rubicon Contractors, we’ve seen time and time again how much value Facility Managers can bring. From small-scale multi-family residential or retail to large-scale commercial installations, facility managers ultimately offer cost savings and help keep your projects on schedule and your facilities running smoothly. Here are a few reasons to hire a facility management company:

  1. Keeping your project on time — It might sound simple, but keeping a large (or small for that matter) project on a schedule is a challenge. Throw in Covid-19 supply chain disruptions and the role of a  Facility Management company is more crucial than ever. Instead of you spending your time finding contractors or checking in with trades, the Facility Management company can handle some of this day-to-day work. If they are reputable, they will have a network of trades ready to support your project.
  2. Faster Emergency Fixes — If this is not your first commercial property, you know that emergencies on-site are bound to happen. When emergency repairs are needed, some Facility Management Companies like Rubicon Contractors can offer their own emergency response to fix it. No more waiting on hold for hours for a plumber. Your trusted partner takes care of it.
  3. Improving Environment and Morale — Let’s say you hire a Facility Management company and they are responsible for simple tasks like sweeping parking lots, cleaning buildings, and maintaining the interior and exterior lighting. Your tenants and customers will praise you for improved conditions within and outside your place of business. 
  4. Saving You Money — When it comes to keeping a close eye on operations, a Facility Management Company is your eyes and ears on the ground. Facility managers not only oversee contractors, they also inspect the work to be sure it was done correctly. The preventative maintenance performed by a facility management team is a huge key to saving costs in the long run. It can also save you on labor costs. Instead of having to worry about complexities like health insurance costs, payroll taxes and the additional overhead of facility management employees, you can leave it to your contractor to manage their own team. 

Check out our Facility Management page to learn a little more about what we offer at Rubicon Contractors. Whether you’re looking for a short-term contract for something seasonal or long-term turn-key service, we can step in when you need us. Rubicon Contractors. Acta Non Verba. Actions. Not Words.