Summer Energy Savings


Summer Maintenance Equals Summer Savings

Saving energy is a major concern for all commercial buildings during the summer.  Summer heat keeps air conditioners constantly on making sure buildings stay cool.  This means electricity is being used which means increased bills.  With some planning, you can keep costs down while keeping buildings cool.  Rubicon’s Facility Management and Trade Services has some ideas.



Regular maintenance of your commercial building’s HVAC system is key, not only to preventing system failure but also to save on energy costs. Imagine if you had a faulty thermostat and your unit was constantly running, unable to maintain a comfortable temperature. Something as simple as fixing a faulty thermostat could save you thousands. Checking and replacing air filters ensures that proper airflow is reaching your air conditioning system.  This creates lower airflow return and lower cool air output.  This means your A/C unit has to stay on longer.  Or perhaps it may be time to upgrade your unit to a more energy and cost-efficient system. Allowing Rubicon Contractors to manage your HVAC maintenance could save you money.

Lease Review

Are you worried it may be too expensive to repair your broken AC unit?  If you are leasing your place of business, Rubicon has experts that can review your lease and determine if they are required to pay for your broken AC unit. Don’t start a maintenance project on your own if you don’t have to.

Turn-Key Solutions

Regardless of your needs or solutions to save energy, remember, Rubicon Contractors can perform all commercial HVAC, roofing, and plumbing services necessary with little or no disruption to your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you are on the fence about how long it could take your company to do a repair or how big the task could be, hand it over to Rubicon’s Facility Management team.