Preparing Your Roof for Spring and Summer Storms


Now that we are in the full swing of spring, it is time to talk about some routine maintenance for your roof so that it will weather the storms that spring and summer may bring to us in Utah and the Intermountain West. 

Clean Up

Start by clearing your roof of any debris. This includes checking the gutters and getting rid of any leaves that may have accumulated. This sounds simple, but a quick clean up can identify issues that could be hiding behind the debris.

Inspect It

One of the best things you can do at the start of the season is to hire a professional to inspect your roof. An inspection will point out any issues that need to be addressed, including any damage that might have occurred. Even seemingly small problems can later lead to big problems if they are not addressed. 

Repair It

If you find significant issues or damage, consider simple replacements that will certainly pay off. Making the investment now and fixing problem areas early can save money in the long run. Ignoring minor issues today can lead to potentially costly problems and major issues in the years to come. Again, the old adage of an ounce of prevention holds true in this case. 

Call the Experts

If you need help with preventative maintenance, you might look for a facility management expert for advice. Rubicon has emergency roofers on staff and on standby to respond quickly to your needs in Utah and the Intermountain West. Give us a call.