Preparing Your Facility for Winter


Winter is coming! Ok, we know it seems early to talk about Winter with Fall just around the corner, but it’s important to be prepared. It’s always good to start conversations with your staff and contractors early to stay ahead of Winter, especially snow and ice.

Pipe Inspections

We always recommend that our commercial or residential building owners be proactive when it comes to inspecting pipes for leaks. Identify any weak points that may not have been there last Winter. Better yet, prepare your pipes and main lines in case of freezing temperatures, an inevitability in the Intermountain West.

Prepping for a freeze can be as simple as wrapping your pipes or as complex as the installation of an on-pipe heating mechanism. Get with your facility or building manager (or facility management contractor) and make sure you’ve talked through keeping your pipes warm this Winter. Trusted partners like Rubicon Contractors can help you install equipment to keep your pipes from freezing.

Winterize Irrigation / Landscaping

It’s important to ensure your sprinkler systems are protected before the Winter’s chill. Adjust watering schedules so sprinklers are not using water when not appropriate. Consider installing protective covers on your sprinkler heads before freezing temps arrive. Also make sure control units remain water-tight and insulated, keeping electronics from freezing and breaking.

Automated Water Shut-off Devices

Many of our clients have seen great success implementing smart irrigation/landscaping tools like Smart Rain. A system like Smart Rain can help you remotely control your watering schedule. 

Also, consider adding a relatively new innovation to your water system like Flo by Moen. This system can alert your smartphone for plumbing leaks and, if properly equipped, can even shut off water to a particular area if a leak is detected! 

We hope you found these simple tips helpful. Feel free to reach out to Rubicon Contractors for specific questions about your use case and needs. We love to help across the Intermountain West.