How to hire the right commercial roofing contractor


As a commercial property owner, there are few things more important when it comes to building upkeep and maintenance than your building’s roof. Whether flat or sloped, synthetic or clay, chances are you’ll face either routine or unexpected maintenance and possibly even a roof replacement over your time of ownership. Even your most experienced and trusted property managers can be taken advantage of by a commercial roofing contractor. Here are a few tips on how to hire the right commercial roofing contractor:

  • Check References: Ensure that your roofing contractor has a permanent place of business. Does their telephone number on Google match? Read reviews online to get a feel for their history in the community.
  • Verify Their License: Utah offers a professional licensee lookup and verification system that is easy to access at
  • Get Proof of Insurance: This is crucial. You do not want you or your business to be held liable for any accidents while your contractor is working on your property.
  • Written Proposal or Bid: Make sure that you get in writing a line-by-line explanation of the scope of work prior to agreeing to a bid. Remember, the cheapest bid is not always the best.
  • Timeline: Make sure to get in writing a set-in-stone timeline of the various phases of the roofing project. There is nothing worse than a roofing project keeping your business or tenants interrupted longer than originally planned. Make sure to ask if the work can be done outside of your business’s operating hours if possible (say, if your business is closed on Sundays).
  • Verify the Warranty: Many roof material manufacturers will offer a limited manufacturer’s warranty, but will your roofing contractor warranty their installation? Ask for specifics because if it’s not written down, it won’t hold up in court.

These are just a few tips for navigating the bid and contract process when selecting a commercial roofing contractor. Don’t forget to consider the life expectancy of the material you choose when looking at multiple bids. Even if synthetic material costs more in the beginning, if it will significantly outlast asphalt, it could prove worth the cost difference. State Farm also offers some basic resources on choosing roof materials and evaluating key characteristics at

And of course, consider Rubicon Contractors for your next commercial roofing project. From start to finish or just on a consultancy basis, we can provide the insight and expertise to make your project successful for the long haul.