Fall Landscaping Maintenance


Now is a great time to start planning for your Fall Landscaping maintenance. Are your properties ready? It’s important to think about all aspects of your commercial landscaping plan so that you, your team, and any contractors know what to expect when the season changes.

Pruning and Cutting Back

When it comes to pruning and cutting back plants, it’s not all about looks. Sometimes it is important to prune and cut back shrubbery, perennials, and roses. Additionally, digging up and storing non-hardy bulbs before the ground freezes can be key in safeguarding your investment in certain plants. Make sure to check with an Agricultural Center or your plant supplier for recommendations specific to your plants and trees. 

Lawn Care

If you have trees on your commercial property, it’s important to keep leaves regularly raked. Being able to maintain grass around trees can be difficult as Fall transitions to Winter. Make sure you are keeping grounds cleared of leaves and debris. If you haven’t re-seeded or aerated your lawns in quite some time, this may be a good time to do so to improve the overall look and life of your greenery.

Irrigation Adjustments

Depending on the type of landscaping your properties have, adjusting irrigation for each season can be crucial. Make a schedule for your groundskeepers or contractors that outlines when to water, where to water, and for how long depending on the season. You don’t want sprinklers trying to come on when ground temperatures are below freezing. Consider smart commercial irrigation systems that will automatically make weather-based adjustments for you.

Adjust Maintenance Schedule

Talk with your landscaping maintenance crews about reducing mowing as needed. You don’t want to be paying for mowing every 2 or 3 weeks when your grass is not growing as fast. 

There are some other great resources out there like this article from Better Homes and Gardens. If any of this seems overwhelming, don’t worry! Find a partner like Rubicon Contractors which offers  Facility Management. This routine annual maintenance of your commercial property can be covered easily under our services.