Top Winter Facility Management Tips - Snow, Snow and Water!


Snow and cold temperatures can make for a cozy Winter and great skiing in the Intermountain West, but it can also wreak havoc on your commercial property holdings. That’s why it’s important to have a facility management contract in place before the worst of the weather comes. Rubicon Contractors can offer a few tips on managing your facilities in the Winter.

Communicate With Tenants Prior to Issues

Make sure that each of your commercial buildings has a solid emergency contact in place for all of your tenants. Whether it be reporting small issues like leaky pipes or big liability issues like unsalted driveways during the Winter, you want to make sure there is a good chain-of-command so that small issues don’t balloon into big issues during the worst of Winter weather.

Check all HVAC and mechanical systems

It’s important to have a thorough check of your building’s heating system before the Winter. Make sure that all systems are in place and that the system has been tested, filters changed if necessary, prior to any big weather change. Your facility management contract can cover something like this, especially if you partner with Rubicon Contractors.

Check Outdoor Water Systems

The last thing you want is a busted water line because of a frozen sprinkler system. Make sure that you check all exterior irrigation system spouts to ensure that they are covered and the system is off during freezing temperatures. This type of preventative maintenance can save you thousands and lessen the impact of any winter weather events.

Have a Plan for When the Snow Falls

Make sure that you have a good plan for preparing for and removing snow from both your roof and exterior surfaces. It’s important to not only keep up your tenant relations but also to prevent accidents and potential roof damage over time.

If all this seems like a lot, give Rubicon Contractors a call today and let us know if we can be your Facility Management contractor of choice.