Planning Your Trade Services for the New Year


Every construction project requires extensive planning and foresight. Whether or not you choose to have Rubicon Contractors in your corner, we’re always rooting for you to succeed. Lining up and planning for your trade services can be one of the most difficult parts of any construction project. Every project requires a number of trade services. As you’re planning projects for the year ahead, here are some things to keep in mind:

Securing Foundational Trades:

Before you even put pen to paper, you know your construction project will depend on foundational trades like framing, Sheetrock, painting, etc. Talk with your general contractor about their library of trades. Do they have a crew in mind? If you have your design plans in hand when you first meet with your contractor, that’s even better. Discuss deeper trade needs like everything from HVAC, plumbing to roofers and specialized trades. 

Zoning & Permitting: 

When you sit down to plan the calendar for the trade services needed on your next project, make sure you and your general contractor discuss zoning & permitting. We have seen first-hand how difficulties at this stage can cause slowdowns in any area of a commercial construction project. If you enter into a project with accurate expectations of timelines, you will save time and money.


This is the key to a successful project. Do you have an open line of communication with your construction crew? Does your general contractor or project manager have a direct line of communication with each and every trade partner working on your project? We have seen many well-planned projects break down due to miscommunication. 

Rubicon Contractors is proud to provide a deep Rolodex of skilled tradesmen. If you’d like us to help you on a one-off project, give us a call at 801-928-2800. If you’d like more assistance, we offer design & consulting, project management, and full general contracting services. We’re happy to help show you how we live up to our motto-  Acta. Non Verba. Actions. Not Words.