New Commercial Construction Trends for 2022: General Contractors As Key...


The Dodge Construction Network reports a 6% rise in construction starts in 2022, but with many adverse market factors working against commercial contractors – choosing the right general contractor is crucial. From supply chain issues to the rising cost of building materials, a general contractor like Rubicon Contractors can help keep your project going in the right direction and working on the right timeline.

Materials And Delivery Timelines

The same report notes that while the inflated costs of building materials has declined somewhat, materials necessary for commercial construction are predicted to continue to outpace the inflation of consumer goods. What does that mean for your commercial construction project? It could mean delays before you even break ground. 

A solid General Contractor like Rubicon Contractors is well-aware of the supply chain issues and we have a diverse array of suppliers from across the country and world-wide. When you are looking closely at choosing a general contractor, make sure to ask how they will adjust to the current and future supply issues on your particular project.

Rubicon Contractors also knows how important flexibility is on a large-scale commercial construction project, especially in 2022. We can be flexible in our design process on the use of materials to help keep costs low and the project on schedule based on delays. 

Speaking of delays, your general contractor will also need to be prepared for everything to arrive later than in years past. Make sure to discuss during the planning phase how much time will be needed on your project.


How long has your general contractor been in business? How big is their network of tradesmen? These are key questions when considering who to go with. Rubicon Contractors has a huge network of skilled trades. This competitive edge has kept us working throughout the labor shortage seen in the market. 

If you’d like to discuss your 2022 goals and start a project with the help of Rubicon Contractors as your general contractor, reach out today.