2022 Commercial Design Trends


2022 is an exciting time for businesses. Growth is still projected in commercial construction versus 2019. There are some trends we are already seeing in the market for commercial construction to keep in mind.

Remote Meeting Space

With so many teams turning to hybrid work and remote work models, many commercial tenants are seeking spaces to conduct virtual meetings. Consider offering a technology package that can integrate things like projection screens, microphones, video cameras, and smart boards. Take it a step further for your commercial clients by offering soundproofing to prevent “Zoom Fatigue” among other employees nearby. 


This may be your biggest opportunity in 2022 to make your tenants, employees, and customers feel safer. Consider the type of ventilation you are installing in your building. In the past, only hospitals considered technology like whole-building filtration or UV-filtration. These types of technologies are more and more in-demand for any commercial building to help keep the air cleaner. 

Built-In Amenities:

From cafeterias to ping-pong tables, businesses are pulling out all the stops in 2022 to make working in-person more appealing. Retail and live-in spaces can also benefit from built-in amenities. Consider other amenities like fitness centers, accessible bottled water fillers, extra storage, etc. It’s not even out of the ordinary to see a commercial client requesting things like saunas, swimming pools, and other resort-like amenities. Think outside of the box with your design in 2022.

Green Spaces:

Consider integrating green space into your floor plan. Many businesses are trying to make working on an office building more desirable versus working at home. Creating a “green” or lush environment can help give you a competitive edge in terms of building design and layout.

As we get back to normal in 2022, it’s important to stay up with the latest trends. If you’d like to talk about a commercial construction project, Rubicon Contractors would love to help.