Benefits of having a Facility Manager


Rubicon Contractors’ Facility Management service is a must for any serious commercial business that is considering renovation/construction, needs property maintenance or would like to make tenant improvements.  A facility manager can handle one or all of these needs by acting as a direct liaison with Trade Services, Construction Services, and more. Most of all, having a dedicated line of communication open with you, the client, ensures you are involved every step of the way.  Just ask and you will not be disappointed with Rubicon Contractors. Let’s take a deeper dive at ways this can help.

Facility Management:  On-Site Engineer – Keeping Your Timeline on Track

Rubicon Contractor’s Facility Management team provides on-site engineering for your commercial business project.  When problems arise during construction and decisions need to be made, Rubicon’s on-site engineers can answer those questions keeping construction projects on schedule.  This prevents money lost due to delays.  Most importantly, you don’t have to monitor your phone 24/7 worrying about what can go wrong, because on-site engineers are on the job ensuring the task runs smoothly, efficiently, and professionally. 

Renovation/Construction – Making Existing Commercial Space Better For Your Tenants

Rubicon Contractors specialize in constructing or renovating industrial, multi-family, or retail spaces.  You dream it, our team can design it. We also love to help maximize the potential of commercial buildings with flex spaces that can serve multiple purposes. Rubicon Contractors has the means to make or create any vision for your tenants.  There is no job too small or a job too big. The best part? Improving tenant spaces can offer great leverage to increase your incoming rent-per-square foot or help push tenants to renew long-term leases.

Internal & External Trade Services

Don’t forget, a Rubicon Contractor’s team member has access to skilled Trade Services including plumbing, utilities, framing, drywall, painting, and HVAC. Oh and don’t forget utilities, roadways, permits, zoning, roofing, and masonry. No matter what is needed along the way, we can provide it.


Most importantly, Rubicon Contractor’s Facility management team prides itself in communication with its clients.  Rubicon provides turn-key construction projects, while still making sure that you are involved every step of the way.  This prevents your business from having a project built that didn’t meet your expectations.  Rubicon provides constant updates and respects your feedback.  They are second to none in communication with clients.

Let your commercial construction vision become reality and contact Rubicon Contractors today.