About Us

Superior Service, Quality, Reliability, Integrity, Passion

Rubicon Contractors started in 2010.  From the very beginning we were determined to set ourselves apart from all other contractor services out there.  We pride ourselves on having a well-trained staff that understands customer satisfaction and a management that understands the value of speed, attention to detail, and consistent performance. Rubicon has what it takes to be your construction and building management contractor. We know that given the chance, we can show you the Rubicon difference.

Why are we called Rubicon?

Our name has quite a lot of history behind it.  The river Rubicon was the border set by the Senate of Rome as a line no General could cross while still commanding his Legions. To do so was to take an irreversible step and invite possible Civil War. In 49 B.C. Julius Caesar and his Legions did just that. This was a moment History remembers. Caesar is said to have spoken the now famous line “alea iacta est” – the die is cast. Sometimes we cannot allow the difficulties we encounter to block our path or keep is from reaching our goals. This idea sums up our mentality when you work with Rubicon.  We make a promise to deliver and one way or another we are going to get the job done.